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8th April 2018 | 7.30pm - 10.30pm

Meridianum Ensemble

Meridianum Ensemble is a trans-cultural world music collaboration bringing together elements from Portugal, the UK and Morocco.

The show features Nuno Silva with his group Aldebaran from Portugal. The project also incorporates musicians from Karama (UK/Morocco), The Radial Band and Woodwose (UK). The music is a feast for the senses, with instruments ranging from the Persian santur, oud, & tambura to Swedish nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and dumbek. The show will begin with an introduction to each component of the ensemble, from Woodwose’s Mediaeval dances, The Radial Band’s original compositions and the Arabic oud of Soufian Saihi to the swirling middle-Eastern rhythms of Nuno Silva’s santur. The second part of the show brings all the musicians together as the Meridianum Ensemble – an extraordinary musical collaboration that spans both time and space from Mediaeval Europe to the present day.




Tickets available from The Totnes Brewing Co. Box Office,

Mon-Fri... 5-12

Fri-Sun... 12-12


Reservations - meridianum.ensemble@gmail.com  To be collected no later than 30 minutes after Doors open, or will be re-sold)

£7 ADV £9 OTD

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