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19th October 2017 | 7 PM

Moon Club

In the spirit of Moon Club they're trying something new. Join us for their trial shift as a Thursday evening jamboree. Featuring such wonders as:

Martin is the quintessential Moon Club act, a supremely talented enthusiast who shares his creations for the sake of sharing. This month we’ll be hearing excerpts from his forthcoming musical Little Blue Dress, an intimate and graceful show about love, loss and memory.

Hot off the back of their debut at Yemenaid, Junk Volcano bring some long absent frenetics to this month’s Moon Club. A two piece band with drums and guitar they self identify as "a kind of psychedelic AC/DC”. How can you say no to that?

Linda delights with her surprising, outrageous and upside down humor. She brings the unspoken truth with love and respect, no fear, but pure joy and aliveness. This subversive humor opens our eyes and lightens our way of looking at life. Prepare yourself for a mix of personal stories, universal subjects and, of course, for a good laugh.

Returning Moon Clubbers, Harbottle & Jonas, are a stunning young folk duo based in our very own Totnes. Their music is eclectic and always accompanied with a great story. They have received plaudits from folk royalty including Seth Lakeman, Jon Boden, Rod Clements, Declan Sinnott, BBC Introducing and have recently been endorsed by Seasalt Clothing. Playing over 100 gigs each year, these troubadours are to be found far and wide across our beautiful island.

Tickets are available on the door. Show up early to guarantee yourself a seat.

£4 on the door

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